The ROi of employee engagement ...


employee engagement and recruitment

People are attracted to your company when they believe in what your company believes in. A work environment that celebrates their unique skills and empowers them to grow which is at the core of OolaCorporate Training.

"38% of employees cite work responsibilities and 30% cite work/life balance as leading contributors to their loyalty."

- Staples


employee engagement and retention

Career satisfaction and work/life balance are the top reasons American employees stay at their current jobs. How do you get employees to stay longer? Show that you care about them personally and professionally. Invest in their growth and they will invest in your success. 

"Highly engaged employees lead to 40% improved retention."

- Gallup


Employee engagement and production

32.6% of American workers are unengaged costing the US economy $350 billion annually. (Us Dept. of Labor and Statistics) What is lack of engagement and production costing your company?

"Highly engaged employees are 20% more productive."

- Gallup

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Our company’s culture is built on celebrating our uniqueness and fostering respect and empathy for our own individual paths. As we continue to create a great place to work, we believe that it is important to understand that our Team Member’s work life is not their whole life. The OOLA Guys, Dave and Troy, were invited to introduce our Leaders to their OolaLife philosophy this past Royal Week, to help reinforce our intention to support our teams in living their best life and challenge us all to find balance. Their OOLA philosophy shares our view that how you show up in your life is just as important as what you do. 

Thank you Troy and Dave for introducing me and our company to living OOLA!                          

Princess Auto, Canada


What is Oola?

Oola (originating from the word "oo-la-la") is a lifestyle based on the International best selling book series, Oola: Find balance in an Unbalanced World and Oola for Women

oo-la (noun): That state of awesomeness. It is when your life is balanced and growing in the seven key areas of life - the 7 F's of Oola (fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun).

Changing corporate culture with a word.

OolaCorporate Training is designed to improve your workplace engagement. Poor workplace engagement is costing companies millions in lost and unrealized revenue. Our program builds trust, respect and accountability while providing the road map to a healthy work/life balance. Oola will also reignite your teams passion and purpose at work. Who doesn't need more of that?


half day program:

The initial step to building a more engaged and passionate workforce. This program will introduce to your team the simple but powerful Oola principles. The outcome of implementing this training program is to provide your team the tools to overcome the challenges to achieving a healthy work/life balance.



Full Day program:

Utilizes the Oola principles found in the half day program as well as providing a detailed understanding of the impact of Oola Blockers and Oola Accelerators. We help identify the blockers that are holding people back from reaching their full potential in life and business. Using the power of Oola accelerators will change attitudes and behaviors which will lead to happier and more productive employees. 



one year engagement program:

Designed to reinforce the Oola principles that are taught at OolaPalooza: The Corporate Experience. We provide a platform that allows your employees the flexibility to learn, apply and measure their results. Each month they will be able to dig deeper into the 7F's, Blockers, Accelerators and much, much more. Everything they need to succeed will be at their finger tips to apply Oola's life changing principles. The net result of this program will enhance your retention, improve job satisfaction and production while leading to a highly engaged workforce.